Good News

About a month ago our son, Dave was admitted to the Hospital with a bleeding ulcer that him seriously low on red blood cells.  He was given an order of light duty and given Prilosec to keep the acid from further damaging his stomach.  This morning he was given another scope for his stomach and it is healed for now.  His red blood cell count is still a little low but getting better each day.  Good news.

What ever happened to businesses that keep their word?  At least a week or so ago, a carpet company told us that carpet was in their warehouse in Wichita.  Today they tell us it is backordered and it will be the end of July.  Crap.

Speaking of strange things, today I was driving up California street here in Topeka.  I had the munchies for a breakfast biscuit and knew there was a Burger King and a McDonald's on opposite corners at 29th.  I saw traffic backed out of the drive at McDonalds so I choose Burger King.  At Burger King, I was the only customer and there was no one in the Drive-through.  What do they know I don't know.  I ordered a croissant and it was excellent. 

Oh well, things to do and places to be.


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