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This morning I looked at my Facebook page and realized that many of my friends have started sending me links to conservative blogs and newspapers.  For some reason my computer will go to a new site and then glitch.  (I blame this on a built in crap detector)  Therefor I seldom go to one of those links anymore.  I did go in and delete connections to the Huffington Post and sites that are just ads in disguise.  Now if I can just get my friends to share what they think or feel without expecting me to go to some site I will be in like Flint.  

Did I mention that I hate people that go out on the net and search for cute sayings that support their feeling and then instead of telling me about how they feel, they send me one of those cute lite cartoons or a page that looks like it was made on Power Point.  If I thought they had made it, I might be interested.   If you send more than one such post a day, you are way too boring and have way too much time on your hands.

Where has our civility gone?  I personally don't agree with Mrs. Obama as she meddles in the content of school children's lunch.  What I don't understand is the uproar over her doing it.  The first question I ask is,  are her actions so contrary to what I think and feel?  Most of the time I am just glad she is engaged in something worthwhile and not on another trip at the cost of hundreds of Thousands of our dollars.  The same can be said about Senator McCain.  Unless and until his message about the Republicans and Democrats being able to reach across the aisle to work out the tough problems, we will get the party politic as the answer for all problems.  Can't people see that a Democrat from Georgia might be more conservative than a Republican from California? 

That leads me back to a thought I posted a couple of months ago.  I met a lady that was from New York and she said that Hillary Clinton was the best US Senator she had ever had. What she did in Washington was so helpful to the people in New York. I didn't disagree with her on that issue, I just calmly asked her what Hillary was doing for the USA as a Senator?  If all she wanted to do was help the people from New York, she should be in Albany.  I was in a Van load of musicians attending our Jazz festival and many of them clapped when I said that.  US Senators from a State are there to bring their ideals and ideas to the US Senate and fix the big problems.  They need to work on problems that are eating our lunch and not spend hours working on gaining power to make their party stronger.

Unless and until we get a Congress and a President that stand for something, we will continue to have our country flooded with illegal immigrants and have a budget deficit that we will never be able to repay.   I am tired of people saying we need to jump in and fix all the problems in the Muslim world.  Can't you all tell that they hate us for our freedoms and no matter how much money or support they will never become like us.  In fact, I would venture that they hate us a lot more than we even notice them. 

When will it all end?   When it does and not a moment sooner.   The Pundits every election year say that the pendulum will swing at the next election and it really doesn't.  No matter who we elect there will be a new group that will come to Washington and want to spend a lot of dollars on programs and problems that effect only small portions of our Country.  They will stagger around fixing the small problems and leave many big things broken.

I would make every new person coming into Washington attend a mandatory class on the Constitution.  Read what the Congress is really there for and quit medaling in things that are not theirs to fix.   If Texas wants to execute their people on Death Row, more power to them.  If California doesn't want abortion controlled in any form, that is their right.  I think if people would better understand what is the job at every level, things would get simpler. 


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