New Ideas

I will admit to being a conservative and not one to rush into change for the sake of change, but there are a few ideas out there that I would like to see float.  For example:

  - We have prisons full of men and women based on strict drug laws.  Not only does this not generate any tax revenue, it costs us an estimated 250 Billion dollars a year to incarcerate the non violent felons.  When they get out of prison, there is little hope they can get a good job with their record so they fall back into the life of crime and drug abuse/use.  We seriously need to evaluate the laws and the results.  I would commute the sentences for a lot of the people that are incarcerated for non violent felonies.  If you want to make this pay, sell the drugs and tax the crap out of it.  Did you know that Colorado has a net tax increase of 70 million dollars since they started selling Marijuana.  

-  If the congress is unwilling to work together to solve problems, we need to elect new people.  With an approval rating of 12-14%, how anyone gets re-elected with these numbers is one of those shame on me things not shame on them.  I VOTE, DO YOU?

-   I propose paying our teachers to get a paid month or so in the summer working on ways to make their presentations better.  I would also give them grants to pay for hours towards their Masters degrees. I would let them hold workshops for each grade level to conspire/coordinate or make what they teach better match the expected outcomes.   At least one of the weeks in these workshops would be on automation and skills that teachers can use. 

-  I for one can't understand how we can support a undocumented alien population and have a high unemployment rate.   If our Government could fight battles in all sorts of environments, why can we train people to fill the needs of our society?  Instead of having a President that is the butt of many jokes, how about one that can make sense of what the people need and inspire us to better things.  I don't want a President that ebbs and flows like the wind, but a strong message to lead us to better things.

-  In Kansas, we are fighting Federal Laws that have been found legal by the Courts.  If Montana gets their nose bumped for passing a Law that is contrary to Federal Law, isn't that good enough for us?  If the politicians that pass stupid legislation had to pay for the defense of laws that fail in other States out of their own pocket, this kind of stupidity would soon cease. 

One of the problems I have is that I am old and set in my ways.  I don't know how to change as rapidly as I should.  It is a lot easier to accept the things I have put in order in my mind and not have to stop re-order it all.  The good news is that now that I am retired and have more time to learn and understand.  I feel the need to get out and stay home at the same time.  If you can figure out how to make that happen, let me know. 

Life in my Fast lane


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