It's Only Wednesday

Woke up early this morning ready to attend the Shawnee County Commissioners meeting only to find that it is Thursday not today.  Dang I hate it when that happens.  It isn't like I don't have a lot to do, but I have to dress differently when I spray the fruit trees.  (or go on a bike ride) 

When we bought the property that our son lives on, there had been a property swap along one edge and for some reason that didn't get recorded when the other guy's property got recorded.  I guess the 15 X 150 foot strip was just out there in limbo and for some reason as the adjacent land owner, we were not notified when it was auctioned in 2011.  We have a giant bid of $50.00 registered with the County and we'll learn if they accept our offer tomorrow.  The only part I really care about is that it is the very small portion that makes that property 3 acres and should we need to rebuild that house I want to make sure we have the minimum the law allows. 

This morning it is a cool 65 degrees and promises to be a great day.  After living in a sweat lodge like we have had for the last week, cool and dry(er) air is nice.  Might even drag out the bikes and go for a ride. 

Better get running and see what the hydraulic leak is on the little tractor if I plan to drag the sprayer around.   Have a great day out there.  Oh, if you want to see cute, look up the Sumatran Tiger cub video on Cjonline.  I know that soccer is kind of a touchy subject to some people but that tiger cub playing with the soccer bass is cute.


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