I'm Skeardt

When I was a child, I grew up in a neighborhood where there were an abundance of kids from the Ozarks that had all sorts of funny ways to say things.  When they were afraid the would be "skeardt" and if it was really scary they would add "to death."   Well boys and girls, here we are at a pivotal point in the history of the world and people are mad that the President broke into the Price is Right to tell us about what is biggest problem with the Russians since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 60's.  Good old  Vlad Putin has us in an almost untenable place and I am afraid that could easily lead us to war. 

A part of me wants to see the President stand tall and rattle our sabers and a part of me wants to say that part of the world can just go missing and not change the way I live.   I have listened to so many people say that President Obama is so self serving that I no longer have the full faith and allegiance I once had.  Throw in that double talking bastard John Kerry, and my world is really shaky.  There are many of you out there that don't remember John Kerry's reports of actions in Vietnam that painted many of us a "Baby Killers and Rapists."  So many of us worked so hard to conduct that war within the limited rules that to say that about us was just as damming as seeing Jane Fonda sitting in an anti aircraft gun position without a care in the world.  That "Giving aid and comfort" to our enemy would have cost her any hope of Citizenship in my book.  By the time John Kerry said what he did, we had mostly given up on that war.

As you go about your activities today I would ask you to be mindful that there are things happening in the world that have far reaching consequences.  Be afraid that we are at the point where the Israeli's and the Russians are making sounds that could have a disastrous end for us all. 


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