Day After

Last night here at Rabbit Run was like being in a war zone.  I cannot imagine how many hundreds of dollars were spent making noise and light.   Sure hope they had lots of fun.  At least there weren't three dogs here to be scared out of their minds. 

Barbara needs to make a Library run soon so I won't make this too long.   I try to never pass up a chance to go somewhere that just might be fun.  Our guest just left so we are now free to run errands and such.  

This morning we discussed the diversity of people and how different people are.  There is no real consensus on the nature or nurture issue.   I think that just as people are differently wired, they have different environmental effects and responses to those effects.  I pointed out that there is a couple that have twins about 1 year old.  They are a boy and girl set and their mother said she is in awe of the different way they respond to the same things.  She is overcome with laughter when they smile and play so it is not a really big deal what they do.  They sure make my heart smile when they are captured on Facebook laughing and playing.  The little girl was standing the other day so it will soon be the pitter-patter of little feet running on through life.  At least when they crawled she could stand a chance to keep up. 

There was one interesting discussion this morning about the right to life and how many supporters of that thought want the death penalty.  It seems a little strange to me that they aren't diametrically opposed.   But with that said, I kind of understand how issues with an emotional component can cause strong feelings.

Well, enough time spent here, I hope that the rest of you have a better second half of 2014 than the first half was.  For me, it will probably be a lot more of the same.   I tell my friends that if they hear a juicy story about me, spread it on.  As dull and boring as I am, I need all the publicity I can get.


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