Seems like our phone has been ringing off the wall with "Robo calls" supporting all sides of every argument.  One sponsored by one of the Political Parties asked me to complete a survey.  It was a blatant attempt to get me to support them financially with a donation.   Not me!

The move to give equal time to every candidate they are looking for every little thing they can.  A local candidate for the State House  has raised $20,000 and they consider this news.  The fact that the Lt Governor has loaned the Governor's campaign $500,000 twice is news but the small amount a candidate raises isn't.  It almost makes me feel like I shouldn't even write it here.  Your cost of reading this blog is that I have to write about something.

The more we hear about the problems going on in Gaza, the more it seems that the world doesn't understand that the Muslims hate the Jewish State and want them dead.  Not moved, but dead.  I would think that the first time I shoot a rocket at them and they blow up the street it was fired from, I would understand.  I think the disparity between the number of  people the Jewish guns kill and the number the rockets kill would cause most people to think about it.  The tunnels into Israel will soon be covered by the News Media and it will be plain that there was a major incursion planned.  When that all comes to light, perhaps the Jews will get some positive press.

Have I mentioned that I hate John Kerry.  When I came home for Vietnam after doing my duty for a year in a place where the enemy tried to kill me on a regular basis, I was dammed by John Kerry for being a Baby Killer.  I think he might have been right to say that the Vietnam War was one that we could not win politically, but my conduct and that of the men that served with me isn't just fare game. We were dammed for the conduct of a few by an over educated boob.  As far as I am concerned his being out of touch was so obvious in his run for the Presidency.  All you had to do was to listen to him lecture us and you got the idea of his feelings of superiority.  I would call it delusions of adequacy.   His silver spoon was so apparent that I could hardly stand him then and even more now.  I can't imagine what the world thinks of us with him representing us.

Our practice last night was a roll out of the Christmas songs that are being considered for this season.  I honestly hadn't heard two of the songs.  I thought I had listened and or sung about any song ever written for the Christmas season.  Not so Bucko.  I have found that there is a pretty good representation of all the Barbershop Music on YouTube, but there are a few holes in that repertoire. I did find a pretty large selection of CD's in our own Chorus files and I made a copy of all that I could find.   The quality of the CD's vary but it does let me hear the songs while I practice.

How do you learn?   I am the kind of person that learns by doing something over and over.  I do like to see the music a few time at first but I would rather just sing along with something.  In the Military I liked to read the directions (Mostly a Field Manual) on how to do something and then do it. The more I could put things in the right order the easier it was for me to do it.  Then my secret is Practice, Practice and more practice. 

Oh well, the dogs are gone so I need to get busy removing the nose prints on the doors and windows.  I love them but they are a pain to maintain and clean up after.   It is a lot like having children.  I guess they give and at the same time have a cost in time and money. 



  1. Kerry faked 2 battle injuries so he could get out of fighting from the river boats. I think he should have been banned from any political position..Nobody wants a wimp for President or any other government position.

  2. I think that most Politicians lie to us but this guy really rankles me when he lectures us on the right way to do things. He is right up there with Jane Fonda as my least favorite person because of their Political stance during the Vietnam War and thereafter. I can wonder about the Political decision that lead us in and out of there, but the soldiers I served with for the most part did their best against an enemy that was trying to kill us at every turn.