Our " 'Nother Daughter" from Texas is here for a stop enroute to a visit to Colorado.   She is traveling with three dogs and it helps me get over wanting to have a dog.   They are like little kids as they steal your attention away from what you are doing to take care of them.   One of the dogs is a two year old and is deaf.  That adds to the burden of watching them.  The deaf dog can't hear your commands and is cognizant of you only if she happens to look your way.  She also barks at full volume when she barks and about anything moving outside elicits that response.   She went out with me to fetch the paper this morning and I basically ignored her most of the time.  She was waiting on the porch for me to let her back in when I got there.  I think that Barb and I both understand the desire for pets, we just don't want the hassle.  

One of the three dogs here right now is ill and old.   I know that our guests won't let her suffer but the cost of medications is fairly high and they are willing to spend the money rather than face the inevitable a little early.   I guess it is their decision and I need to stay out of the fray on that one.

I am looking at the schedule for tonight and see that the second half of the night is the summer sing out songs.  I think I will slip out early because I wont be here in August when we have our next Church Sing out.  Just for kicks I will listen to the songs today.  There is one song that I don't have a recording of but the Little Apple Chorus from Manhattan, KS has a version of "I believe" on YouTube that is spot on the music we use.  I really like to listen to the music and look at the music at the same time.  The bad news is that every once in a while the Director will have a minor change and I get too locked into the old way.

Barbara has announced that she is going to have a garage sale on the 9th.   I am not sure what we will sell, but there is no shortage of things that need to go away.  I could probably rent a dumpster and fill it if I tried.  A good deal of that could come from my part of the garage and the storage building.  Oh well, 

Better get back upstairs and visit with our guests. 


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