Life is not Fair!

This is a collections of things that I have noticed are in the category of life is for working and living the best you can with what you earn in life.  Simple rules from a simple man at the end of his working days.

1.  The Government does not owe you anything but the simple rights that are spelled out in the Constitution.  It is designed to give you the opportunity to get an education, get a job, work hard, pay taxed and die.  What you do with your opportunity should not be something the government is responsible for.  I darned sure don't want to be taxed to make up for your lack of effort.

2.  A notable exception was that a large number of people thought through the 60's that equal meant separate.    It took a lot of effort and legislation to change the balance that gives everyone a level starting point.  There is no way the Government can "Make it up" to the people that were not given equal access but to make sure the field is level from now on.  Reparations is a joke that is lost on those that started poor and finally made it.

3.  If you do what you did, you will generally get what you got.  With that said, changes can be achieved by hard work in your life and this is not a color or starting point issue.  Getting an education is free through High School.  How many people goofed off through the free part and now complain about the cost of college?     (Me, pick Me)

4.   I think that being poor was motivation to get better for me.  A government making you feel poor and giving you things they take away from the middle class won't make you feel special.  It might just make the middle class poorer.  I refuse to worry about the rich, they will take care of themselves.

5.  Why do people repost cartoons on Face book over and over?  Have they slipped into such a boring place that they think I need to be entertained also?  One or two a week but multiple things every day is a reflection of your life not mine.

6.  If you don't know who the problem child was in your family, it was probably you.

7.  If you told my mother that you were bored, she would tell you that you are boring.  I wonder if being poor made me rely more on me to be happy than things.    Besides, I loved summers so I had time to goof off and enjoy my own rat race. 

8.  I love to read.  I always start my day with the newspaper and try to read a book now and then.  My eyes aren't as good as they once were and I would read more if they weren't so tired of looking at this darned computer screen. 

9.  Do you have a hobby that lets you express yourself in a way that other people clap at your success?   I sing with a Barbershop Chorus and good bad or ugly, it does keep me feeling like I am trapped with nothing to do.

10.  A part of me wants to travel to far and away places.  The other side of me only wants to be gone about a week.  A part of me wants to fly but the cheap part of me would rather go by car.  We drove to Maine a couple of years ago and it took three days to get there and three days to get back.  The middle part had rain about two out of three days.   Not a trip I want to replicate.

11.  I have a Garmin to tell me how to get there.  Now if I could have a Garmin application that would tell me is the fun places to go. 

12.  We love to ride our bicycles and want to include a bike trip on our vacation some year. It is really a hassle to get them where we want to go and we darned sure aren't up to riding our bikes to far away places    

13 I would love to go to the lowest point in the USA.  If it weren't called Death Valley, I might want to put it in our next trip plans. 

14.  When I was a kid, we would go to my grandparents house because we were so poor that we could not afford to stay on the road.  Now that we can afford it, we want to go to visit our parents to see how they are doing.  Dang I hate it when that happens.  Is life circular?

15.  Life doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  When I was young, I didn't want a leg up from my parents.  The more independent we could be the better.  Now from the other side I keep wanting to help out our son and his wife.  Doesn't make sense to me either. 

16.  Once upon a time I dreamed that someday I would be rich enough to be able to drink a beer and smoke a good cigar now and then.   Now that I can afford to do that, the Doctor told me to stop drinking for the life of my liver and we all know the pressure of no smoking.  Dang.

16.  One part of being able to afford better food is that now I have to take statins for my cholesterol and blood pressure meds for the blood pressure.  The really good part is that they work for me.

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