Say What?

One of the things I posted a short while back seems more appropriate every day.  "I abhor stupid speech!   Not the kind that uninformed people make, but the kind that is so stupid that even the speaker has to know it is not right."  For the record, Even Fred Phelps repented before he died.  If there was ever a reason for the Westborough Baptist Church flock to reconsider their hate message that should be at the top of their list.   The freedom of speech should give them the right to say "I Hate You." but leave god out of it.  Fight you own fight. 

I am not sure what the President and Congress is going to do to clean up the mess going on right now when it comes to immigration.  My solution is to mobilize the Air Guard's C-130s and fly them home at the earliest possible moment.  Give them a bottle of water as they get off the plane and depart.  The other solution is to spend millions of dollars on them and tie up our federal courts for years trying to judge each one and then try to send them home.  Once the mess is cleared up some and the people down south see that we aren't going to shout "Allie-Allie Ox in Free" they might (Notice the word Might) stop sending the children north.   Another method might be for the Army to be given the job of sealing the border and keep their strength numbers high. 

I have a solution that will end the gridlock in Congress.  If every person would send their congressional members a post card saying that we will vote for anyone but them in the next election. (and then do it)   Throw out the rich, getting richer, congress and elect people that have common sense not self betterment.  All you have to do is look around and see there are smart people everywhere that might be talked into running in the next election.  The other night I asked if anyone thought the minister Tobias (I can't imagine even spelling Snegelspeeken Spell Checker couldn't either) will run again.  He is quoted as saying that not getting elected was probably the best thing that ever happened to him. 

Oh well, better get on with my day and see if there are real windmills that need tilting here at Rabbit Run.  Just a note the name Rabbit Run comes from the fact that when we first moved here if we drove in at night we could see rabbits running in the field.  Between the Hawks, coyotes and whatever that is not as true today.  Perhaps a better name now should be "Deer Stroll."  We have plenty of them.


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