Income Inequality Part 2

Is this how it starts?  Today's paper has an article about the problems of the poor and income inequality here in Kansas.  In Command and General Staff College for the Army they had one lesson that talked about the third world.  It seems that there if a person only got a bowl of rice they could be happy.  If they were getting two bowls and one was taken away it would stir up revolutions.   Is all this talk of what the government owes us kind of like taking away that second bowl.  Barb seems to think that all the giving to businesses and not the poor is the cause of the unrest.  I contend that it is the Government's involvement in our economy that caused our recession and that's why it is tough at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale.  Too much dependency on the Government is not the solution.

I can't remember the study, but there was a replication of George Orwell's story Animal Farm that showed if people were given all they needed to live, they would lose some of their desire to produce and will let Government take it away from the rich to keep the middle class fed. Pretty soon the middle class disappeared and people had to stand in line for bread. I think that Russia ran an experiment like that and their ratio of rich to poor just kept getting more and more out of whack.  Now that they have abandoned the communist system, they are having trouble with the lawlessness and there is a new class of the rich growing and it is now the gangsters not the Politicians getting rich.  There is no perfect system but ours works better than the others.  Find one that works better and I will work for a change.

I have a friend that lives in the area around Australia.  He talks about what a joke our system in the USA is.  Last time I looked, if you want to go to live there, you have to have a critical skill and about $75,000 dollars on hand or the best you can do is a tourist visa.  He grew up fairly rich and had a lot of things given to him and it was the exact opposite of what I had.  I grew up poor and only through hard work and savings am I anywhere near what I call rich.  I'll be damned if I will let some silver spooned rascal make me feel guilty for working my way to the top. 

The one problem that I do have with our system is that we here in the good old USA have the highest proportion of our citizen in prison.  The highest proportion of that group is Black and Hispanic. Got to be something wrong as this is at a cost way more than we need to pay.

Oh well, back to the salt mines.


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