Rule of Three

Once upon a time I was told there is a rule of three and things don't happen just one at a time but three at a time.  This has been the week for door problems.  The first was the renter asked her husband to make like a tree and leave. (leaf?)  I went over to the rental house and it took me an hour an a half to change two dead bolts and door knobs.  It was a new lockset that is designed to let me change the keys without changing the entire system.  My biggest problem was getting everything to align in a dark room.  I guess I am now at the age where a good light is better than the right tools.

The second lock to need replaced was the knob between the garage and the kitchen.  The Schlagle  latch failed and I did not have one in the vast collection of parts I own.  I have a dish pan full of knobs, dead bolts and screws.   I went by the Rental property and when I opened the garage door, the dead bolt broke off and I had to break in.   When I went to the hardware store, I bought a new knob and latch for our house and a dead bolt wrap around reinforce for the garage.  

The garage door took almost an hour to reinforce and make it work.   I also had to reinforce the door and the frame because of the age of the wood.  That done, I returned to Rabbit Run   The good news is that the new knob and latch went on fine and it all worked great.  Easy Peasy.

Because of the advanced Heat Index today, we went for a bike ride early.   I ride about 8 miles each time and Barb rides until she see's something worth taking pictures of.   At least it is mostly flora and fauna at the lake and not me. 

Yesterday, I took the crown Vic to the car wash and there must be something wrong with the machine there.  Instead of rinsing off the car with water, it looks like it waxed the car.  It left a serious coat of something that is attracting dust big time.  It looks almost worse today than it did yesterday.  At least I did get the vacuum to work so most of the rocks are gone.   

At noon, the Heat Index is 98 and not going to get any cooler until much later today.  What ever else I do, it won't be outside. 

We are right in the middle of the tomato harvest here and I'm pretty sure that we can't eat all that are on hand with a new basket full each day.  I made salsa but that didn't dent the supply much.


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