Sunday Sing Out

Today was the July date that our Barbershop Chorus sang for three churches.  It puts our name out there  so the public will know who we are.   It is a lot of fun to sing three of our six songs and it is very nice to have an audience clap when we end.  The one thing I can really say is that most of our songs have a great Tag at the end.  It is seldom that we don't have a ringing effect on the chapels at the end. 

When we finished our last performance we were on the way out of the church when our oldest member missed a step and fell pretty hard.  He hit his head and it looks like he might need stitches.  Wilmer is a WWII Veteran and other than a bum knee is a great member of the Chorus.  I think he has been with us about as long as the Chorus has been together.  I sure hope he gets well soon.

In August, I will probably be on vacation when they have that sing out.  Looks like a road trip to Idaho is on my agenda.  The good news is that we will probably won't really start working on next year's music until sometime in September.  I think on Monday we will  sing a couple of new Christmas songs.  I am going to try to find a way to record anything new and get it on a CD. 

I think I mentioned the car wash yesterday.  It is amazing how clean the car got with just a little soap and a wash mitt.  I think the dirt was just so imbedded that a good scrub was needed and I shouldn't rely on just a soap spray.   I think it needed a good Kansas rain to help work it loose but parking it in the garage just didn't let it get wet.

I really hate getting old.  I stopped by the store on my way home and I needed some marinade for the chicken.  Like a big goof, I picked up some chicken that I didn't need and some marinade.  It really is just some robust Italian dressing that I add some soy sauce to.  I have a Garlic and herb sprinkle that I add and it turns out yummy. 

Oh well, better get cooking.  The company will be here in a an hour or so.   Going to try grilling some peaches and perhaps some green beans.   I think I will fire up both grills to do that.


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