Something I Hate/Love

On an semi annual basis, I go to the Dentist to have my teeth cleaned and to have the Dentist check for problems.  I have a lot of money spent on the teeth I have and I hope to keep them right where they are.  I hate that I have to do this but I love the results.

After having that done, Monday's is the Barbershop Chorus Practice and I love that.

I love to watch the programs that sell automobiles in an auction.   The only thing I don't understand is how someone can spend well over 6 figures on restoring a car and it is made to look original,  what can you do with it?  Obviously you can't drive it so it must sit looking pretty.  That's the part I hate.

There is a 69 Camaro that is up to $90,000 and it hasn't hit the minimum.  There is a side conversation that someone will buy it for $125,000 in the end.  This is one that sold for about $6,000 new.  I'm not sure that I could have obtained insurance back in the day.  The Malibu we had was bad enough.

Barb and I have a bike ride on our list of things to do today.  It is going to warm up a little before we will want to ride around the lake.  I'm sure it will get a little warmer later on.  Can you believe it got down to 55 last night?  Many days we have stood in the line to buy food at the fiesta and it was over 100.  Today it will be closer to 75.  The humidity is low and there is a breeze of about 15 MPH out of the North. 

Have I mentioned that one of the things I say would make me rich?  If I could live somewhere I could pick a fresh tomato year round, that would be the high life.  Right now, the plants that Barb has been nursing since February are starting to produce in mass.  We have a bunch of tomatoes on the counter and they vary from red to pink.  The even better news is that I also have well over a pound of bacon cooked and ready to make BLT's   There is nothing to hate about that.

We have been told that Dave has an interview with the Affordable Health Care people for a job that starts in September.  He is able to type fast and well and should be a shoe in.  It is only a 6 month job to start but with his ability he should go over to Blue Cross full time when that part ends. 

Must be time to go make some BLT's for lunch.  I love that.


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