This morning Barba and I decided to work on making things out of all the tomatoes we have.  Barbara made pasta sauce and I made salsa.  I have to be careful to not touch my face after cutting up the Jalapenos.  I will let the salsa sit in the fridge overnight and then decide what to do with it. (if THERE IS ANY LEFT AFTER AN ATTACK OF SCOOPS)  

I have been assigned a new project to see if Roxio will add music to a slide show.  I may have to set up a stand for videos of the pictures and overlay the songs.  Oh well, I'll try anything once.  I am far from an expert in Roxio but I have been able to make copies of music on CD's for the Chorus Music. 

Won't be but a few more days and our friends the Reimer's will arrive from their travels around the world.   Their daughters are growing into such fine young ladies.  The sad part is they just get over being shy with us and it is time to leave.  Oh well, it is like an ice cream cone, enjoy it for as long as it lasts. 

Yesterday the wind was out of the north and there was almost no humidity in the air.  This morning the good old south breeze was back and the grass was wet with a heavy dew.  I guess I can't have perfect weather all the time.   The good news in Kansas is that nothing lasts very long except for dry spells.  Nothing like out west this year but there have been years like that.  The gardens, the corn and the soy beans are all liking the rain this year.

My brother has a Prius and it has almost 200,000 miles on it.  It is running strong and doing well.  Makes me wonder if that is just the car to buy.  They aren't cheap, but dollar per mile sounds like they are a bargain.  Speaking of cars, the Ford started making a strange sound out of the rear passenger side brake this week.  I guess I'd better get it up on jacks and see if I can repair it.  Most of the time if I catch it early enough I can do it fairly cheap.  Might check on the brake pads on the front wheels while I am out working on it.  Pads are cheap and if done in time, I can sometime not have to replace the rotors. 

Have a great day out there.


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