Things That Trouble Me

I sometimes wonder if I am getting too personal when I write these things but no one seems to comment in the negative so I will keep being and writing who I am.  (Popeye - I Yam what I Yam date unk.)

How come it is OK for other parts of the world to house refugees and people think the USA should be immune?  We say the UN should take care of more problems but when they tell us we are wrong, we don't pay them one ounce of attention.  I am personally torn between shipping those excess children home on the first plane out of Dodge and taking a couple of them home with me for the fun of it.  Dang, I hate it when that happens.

There is a part of me that wants to go out and get in the car and run away, often.   There is another part of me that won't let me be gone more that about a week before I want to be home and napping on my couch.  That same part of me wants to get an airplane and fly places but then the cheap part of me says, Nah it's too expensive.  Dang again.

There is a part of me that wants to solve every problem I see and then a part of me that doesn't see all the things I need to do right here at home.  Triple dang.

The other day I was at the store to buy some of those self stick CD labels.  I saw that the covers are about as expensive as the CD's  Perhaps there needs to be a manufacturer that puts one of those blank labels between each CD.   Nah, that makes sense and nothing that works makes sense to us old guys.

Every chance I get, I tell one of the stock clerks working in a store that if he wants to get rich, start making a stick with a crook on the end so they can pull "They call this fronting" things forward on the shelf.  I think they could get rich quick with this idea and I share it for free.  So far, I have not seen such an item and I sure would have loved to have had one when I worked for Safeway.  (Dang x 5)   Yes, I left out four it sounded kind of square.

There was a time when I could afford to save money and the interest rate on my investments was high.  Thank god I had enough left over money to save.  Today when I manage to have excess funds, I can't find a place that has a high enough return to even pay for the effort.  I guess I have reached the investment enigma.  This is the point where the return of my money is more important than the return on my money.  (Dang X 6)

Back when I was young and stupid, I listened to the Government and put my money in IRA's, CD's and 401Ks.  Good move Exlax, hide that money from the Government and they will forget about it.  Or surely they will change the laws to make AARP happy.  Now that I am nearing the deadline to start taking out mandatory withdrawals, it is looking like the government used me for it's own savings plan.  Stupid with zero's at the end....  (Dang X 7)  For those of you that are too young, the ROTH IRA was not an option in the earlier days.    Heck, this was such an stupid deal, the Government even allowed me to put extra money in a 401k to help pad my retirement...  Does this make it X 8?

Someone made my parents a retirement 3X5 card box.  It was designed to help them stay organized in their retirement.    I laughed hard at the card in the box that said, "Try to Have Sex."  Then I kinda cried... It did have a neat collection of pictures of my dad from his childhood.    Dang X 9

Grandpa and Charlie in the 1930's
I hate it that there will be people that will say this is racist.  In the 1930's, there were few, if any, blacks anywhere near where my Grandfather lived.  If this offends you, write your own blog and see how long you can stay politically correct.  (Dang X 10)

Oh well, better get running and finish some of my chores.  had a nice rain today so most of the activities will occur inside.  We have a date with some really neat kids this afternoon.  Can't wait.


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