What'cha Going to Do When You Retire?

Yesterday while waiting in the waiting room at the Endoscopy Center, I talked to a young man waiting for his wife's procedure to finish.  He told me he was a truck driver and delivered bulk fuels for one of the Minor Gas station owners here in Topeka.  He asked me what I did and I told him I was retired.  He shook his head and said he was not sure if he was in the right profession but it paid well and had a long career track from where he sat.  He said that more than if he is in the right profession the question that really worried him was what he was going to do if and when he really retired. 

Another retired man listening to our conversation just laughed.  He said that he had more to do than he could ever get done as a retiree.  We both admitted that we had started with an extensive bucket list and it just grows and grows.  In his case in addition to all of his hobbies, he had undertaking being the best Grandfather he could be.  He said that being there to take the kids to ball games, fishing, the zoo and the playground was in itself a reward.  I have two rental houses, my own home, my son's home and a lot of vehicles that have replaced the grandkids. 

I shared with him that I have not only worked down the bucket list, I have started checking off things on my reverse bucket list.  At one time I roller skated.  Nope, nevermore.  I have enough trouble not falling down to start doing something that that almost invites falling down.  I mentioned that I disassembled and reassembled a 57 Chevy as a part of my bucket list.  I now have a tractor and a metal building to store it in.  There are lots of things to do as your toy list increases. 

 Another retiree there in the waiting room said that he recognized me from my many trips to a local auto parts store he manages.  I do a lot of my own car work and have attempted to do struts, brakes and a tune up on my 2004 Ford.  He said that he had spent some time with me discussing the rebuilding of the struts on the Ford just this year.  You can't just take them out and replace them, you have to re-build a system and put that new system in.  Yep'er, you got the grease money of Rabbit Run. 

As I transgress back to the main point in this story, I want you to know my Mother once hit the nail on the head.  A Nephew of mine went in her house one day and said, "I'm Bored."  With little hesitation, Mom said, " No, You are Boring."  That is how it is with me,  There are so many things to do that if I am bored, it is all on me.  In fact, there are times I leave the cell phone home because I don't want to be found.  Whatever you do, don't fear retirement as a time where you will be bored.  If you can find an outlet that you love as much as I do singing with the Barbershop Chorus, life will be as full as you want.  PS. Throw in a good nap now and then - Bonus.

MUD (Ret)

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