Spring in the Middle of Summer

Every once in a while something happens that is completely out of the usual.  We are having spring like weather here in the heartland and it was down in the 50's last night.  I have been wearing jeans the last couple of days after moving to shorts to stay cool.  We waited until the afternoon to go for a bike ride because it was too cool.  The north breeze in the shade was just a little more cool than I liked.  In years past, the Fiesta Mexicana here in Topeka has been a lot hotter.  I have stood in the food line when it was 100 degrees on many occasions.  Today it will only be in the 70's.  I can get used to this.

It has finally started.  The tomato ripening is well underway here at Rabbit Run an the kitchen counter is overflowing with pink to red tomatoes.  Barb is working hard to keep them up off the ground and has to pick some of them because they weigh the plants down.  The thing that really makes me smile is that they are pretty darned nice looking and taste to match their looks.   Barb has been making daily trips out to squash, squash bug eggs and keep them in check.  She has found that if she looks at them daily there is hope that the stuff that grows on vines just might make it to maturity. 

Just the start of Tomato 2014 season

The other day I went to the car wash to throw a clean on the Ford.  I went to every coin machine there and could not find any that would/could make change.  It was a bummer because I hate to drag out a hose in the driveway and the couple of dollars there makes it easy and quick.  I really needed to vacuum out the driver's side and didn't even have two quarters to do that.  Bummer.  The double bummer is that I deliberately got several dollar bills that were in good shape. Oh well.

The travel urge is working overtime in me.  I have to go to town from time to time to keep the sameness of home getting to me.  I am playing with my music trying to make CD's that keep me singing correctly.  One of these days I will figure out how to be able to name the songs and make cd face labels.  I have the blank labels and just need to figure out the secret to making it all align.  If I use the format they give me, it adds a lot of stuff I don't want. 

Yesterday I went to the downtown Camera Store and bought a new battery for my NIKON Cool Pix P520.   This morning I tried to download the picture I put up above.  It seems the download cable has shot craps.  Makes me wonder if all the problems I have been having lately is nothing more that a bad cable.  It does double duty as it charges the camera as well as downloads pictures.  I had to take the SD card out and do the old manual trick with an adaptor.  Oh well, time is on my side and I do want it to be in good shape when I go on Vacation.  What worries me is that if the charger cable is bad, did I throw a good battery away?  That darned battery cost $43.00 to replace.  I do not have an external battery charger for this camera.  The other NIKON's all shared a battery but this one is different. 

Better get on with the day.  Things to do and chores stacking up.



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