Just for the Heck of It!

What would you do if you were given a "Free Pass" for a day and could do anything you wanted? 

Have you ever heard a person say that they are worried that they won't have enough to do when they retire?  

Put those two together and see if they apply to you.  I am at a loss as to how someone with a free pass could ever feel bored when they retire.   All I have to do is look in a corner and see the dust bunnies and know that I have enough goofing off power to kill time. 

Years ago. I started buying tools to do specialty jobs rather than hire someone and now I have almost enough tools that I could spend a day or so just organizing them.  When I moved into the new metal building, I had everything in those big plastic containers and on shelves.  The other day I noticed that I had most of the containers sitting on the floor right where I put them searching for things.   Yes, after the fact I know that if I would just put them back on the shelves it would save time in the long run.  Good plans, poor execution.  There are probably things in those totes that I haven't found yet.

I cleared out the garage by moving the 57 out to the building.  Do you remember the story about the couch that I moved out of the living room?  It is now a hanger queen and in the space the Chevy came out of.  Lot of good that did.  I guess another trip to the dump prior to our vacation will be in order. 

It is funny that the harder I try to organize things out in the yard, the more it just looks like I have piles of stuff not junk piles.  Even organization doesn't somehow transform junk into neat stuff.  I started to move all the equipment behind the metal building but as I used things, they managed to work their way back around to the yard and in full view. 

Moving gravel into the new drive

I know who to blame and it isn't Barb.    Dang I hate it when that happens.   


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