Another Flash from the Past

Last night as I sat watching TV, the phone rang and the caller ID told me it was a long lost buddy Mike D. He was calling from Best Buy and had just been talking to my son when they both realized the fact that they both knew me. A quick phone call on the cell phone and I hope Mike will be reading this blog again. Im not sure if he will gain any insight into the real world but at least he will have a view of the warped perspective I call mine. HOWDY Mike!

It is amazing that he and I spent as many years together in the Guard and both managed to reach retirement. He has almost the same perspective on the whole thing as I do. We neither one will spend a lot of time or effort to stay in touch with that system. What we wanted out of there was us and a retirement check. Mile will come eligible early next year for the Military check and he has plans to retire. He did mention moving to somewhere in Colorado. I came home to Fort Carson in February from Vietnam. I was immediately sent downrange and spent most of my time there in the field. After 90 degree days, those minus degree nights were so cold that I nearly froze to death. On top of that I had a low grade fever the entire time from Malaria and I'll bet I ate a bottle of aspirin a week. The Malaria didn't break out until I got out of the service and returned to Wichita to go to school. Needless to say I don't have good feelings about Colorado. In fact they couldn't give me the entire State if I had to live there.

Yesterday Barb and I went over to our rental house and hauled away two trailer piles of tree branches. We made a dent in the pile but it still has five or six more loads to take to the burn pile. We can and do burn legally at our county property. The City has some goofy rules about burning so we can't burn there. I also went to the lake for a ride on the bent and then worked on the trailer tie downs for about a half an hour. Not until I tried to clean up did I realize how sunburned I was. I know that I am prone to skin cancers so I should be a whole lot more careful. Oh well, gotta die of something.

Better call a halt here and go do something worthwhile. Too windy to burn trash piles and too wet to paint.

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