Round One - How to Not be a Moron

My Pal, Two Dogs suggested that as full of it as I am, I should write a column about how to not become a Moron. The real problem with that is that on definition of being a moron is having a mental age between 8 and 12. I am not sure if I can grow up beyond that, but I will give you some introspection to how I think I have. I am sure that there were many people that thought I would somehow screw up the future and was in serious danger of being a Moron. I made it to 60 without going to jail and with enough money to live. Here are a few of the steps I advise you to consider in your journey to being anything but a Moron:

1. Read, read and read everything you can when you are young. Magazines, books, news papers and even a school text book now and then. The informal schooling was to me as important as the formal part. Perhaps one great aspect of public school was the access it gave me to a great library.

2. Only believe half or what you see or hear. If you doubt this see the picture above.

Barb says I write these things too long so more steps will come tomorrow.



  1. Wolf-bird? Flying Malamute?

    Man, that is just too weird, I am going to have nightmares.

    Bean says that my posts are too long too. I think that is because she has tha attention span of a carrion beetle though.

  2. If you think having access to a library is great .... The Warden is a librarian .. not only do I have access to the library I have privileges ... well sometimes!