Dang Weather!

Yesterday I had a lot of things to do outside and I almost had to wear a jacket until noon. It never did clear off and have sunshine. Today the weatherman said 10% chance of rain and it is cloudy to the point that I just don't think it is safe to paint. Little too windy too. Perhaps I need to work on my motivation and worry less about the weather.

Did you ever use silicone of a glass project you were working on? I had a side window in the truck to replace and man does that stuff ever make a mess and it is a real pain to get off. I have resorted to the old razor blade scrape to get it off. So far the window works well but I just don't know how long that will last. Sure would love to get that right door adjusted so I won't have to use a bungee cord to hold it shut.

As you can see, there is a world of things out there and here I sit writing on this stupid computer like I had anything worthwhile to say. Bye!



  1. You couldn't ask for nicer weather here in Southwest Oklahoma, unless you are allergic to wind, which with you being in Kansas, I would assume that you are not.

    I think that Bean and I might go camping if we can find a tent that will withstand the high winds. Maybe they have one of those Alpine tents at the rec center on base.

  2. Anonymous3:22 PM

    We've got 81 degrees, 8% humidity, and 24 mph winds with 33 mph gusts. I love it! This weather should be moving your way!

    And to answer your question on my blog... My grandpa had the buzzer you spoke of! I can talk but I don't sound pretty and am hard to understand if there is any other noise. I do have a thing called a chattervox that is a voice amplifier but I need a new chord for it. I've wondered if I could use one of those when I have no volume at all.

  3. I absolutely adore the wind here in Tulsa. And today was downright HOT here.

    I think we used the silicone when putting in windows back in Florida. At this point I'm used to having to get out a razor blade when I do anything near glass - glue, paint, whatever.