On our way back from Oklahoma, the left front wheel started to growl a little on the Green Buick. I looked it up in the repair manual and found out that there is a wheel bearing where the axle goes through the backing plate for the brakes. At least I hope that is the problem because the CVC joints will cost a lot more. We took it in this AM and are expecting the call to tell us how much it will cost to fix. Wanna Bet? I wil bet $200 if it is a wheel bearing and $500 if CVC joints. Yes, I am pretty sure we will get the pitch for new struts but probably not this time.

We have a new woodpecker this spring. It is about the same color as the downeys but much bigger. It could be a female yellow bellied sapsucker because it has no red. The little downeys are less than 5 inches long and this bird is bigger than the suet block cage that is at least 5 inches. This is one of the first years that the doves have taken to hanging out below the other feeders. Yesterday we had about 4 on the ground and at least one in the tree.

I would take pictures this morning but someone took my camera upstairs to take pictures of her cookie bouquet and I am just too forgetful to remember to bring it down and too damn lazy to go up when I remember. I would probably get up there and forget why I was there. I would go up there, get a cold drink of water, visit the bathroom and wander back down sans camera. Man I hate it when I have ADD and a poor memory.

Oh well, better run and read some of the blogs to keep up with the rest of the world.



  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I'm pretty sure I have ADD too.

    My son absolutely loves birds. When he was small people would ask him what he wanted to do when he grew up and he would say, "Play in the NFL and be a bird breeder." That always made us laugh.

    I answered your question in the comments under today's post on my blog.

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    The woodpecker that looks like a downey but larger is a Hairy Woodpecker (9") as compared to the Downey (6") We have them both. Ray