Cactus Cuties Sing the National Anthem

This morning I was reading one of the regular blogs I go to each day and there was a U-Tube video of the Cactus Cuties singing the National Anthem. I don't care what political leaning you have, this is just fine music sung with five beautiful voices. I cried that I was not there and just had to listen to this in a video.



  1. it's pretty easy...go to YouTube...you may need to create an account.
    Then you can go to the video...at the bottom click 'Share'...you may need to click 'more shre options'
    Then below it should give you the option to 'Post to a Blog'
    Once you do it a time or two it's simple.

  2. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Or... you can just go to YouTube and find the video and click on it. You will notice to the side that there is a grey box. In that box, at the bottom, there is another box that says imbed... just right click on that so it is highlighted, then left click and copy. Open up a new post and make sure you are in HTML and not compose (the tabs are right next to each other at the top of the new post) Then, just paste it in. It'll show up when you post.