Our Choices for President

This picture is typical of me as a child. I like most politicians needed changed often. This is my patient sisters putting up with me in my normal over reaction mode.

As the Democratic Party tries its best to narrow down who will represent them for the race to the Presidency, I want to re-state some of my feelings. First, I do not oppose either Hillary or Barry (Obama) on reasons of sex, color, race or religion. In fact I do not find the discussion for either germain to what I expect them to do. First of all the President needs to be a leader. This person must be a figurehead that inspires us to stand tall and do our best. I find it unfortunate that we have lacked this type of person since the Regan era and he was just an actor playing a role for all it was worth.

I want someone in Washington to wake up to the fact that our country is having problems. Our dollar is being devalued and our energy costs are on a rocket spiral to the top and not one damn word is being said about ways to fix this problem. Well, that is not totally true, Hillary and McCain have both wanted to suspend the tax on Gasoline for the summer. This idiotic solution just generates a greater consumption when we need to quit driving our cars to town every time we get a whim. The Republican Congress did cut taxes and it spiraled up the economy. The Dems are now talking about eliminating those taxes. How about someone back there just doing the obvious and cutting pork barrel spending? More money should be spent on making alternative energy sources work. I need to study schools and spending before I just throw more money at that issue. I do wonder why we pay an NBA rookie several hundred thousand dollars and new teachers get less than $30,000.

In discussing the issue of a write in candidate for President, Two Dogs feels that he would be better served as the VP. The title of First Black Girl Friend just left Bean undecided. She does sweeten her tea and eats ditch crickets (Crawdads) but other than that I refuse to discuss her color or race. If TD thinks she is good enough for him, she gets my vote. Is it illegal or just stupid to discriminate on sweetening and eating habits? She professes to just be a normal young woman, hell I knew that. I don't understand young women, oh hell, I don't understand women at all. Aren't they like most of us and have their own dreams and hopes for the future. I think they get a little too invested in their children but hey, after all the pain they go through to birth them, shouldn't they be pretty damn invested in their future? I just will have to appoint a woman to my cabinet to help me understand. I would nominate Bobwa but it has taken me 40 years to establish a stable life with her, why change that?

Therefore, those of you that have gotten this far in this diatribe, I ask for your write-in vote for me, Dennis Petty for President and Two Dogs as VP. If it looks like this crazy idea takes hold, I promise you I will get his real name for you to write in.

Vote early and often.



  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    You crack me up.

  2. No, no, Bean doesn't eat the ditch crickets, but I do and I even suck the heads. And Bean is celebrating her birthday today. She also commissioned two years ago today. Salute.

  3. How can anyone from the SIP not eat ditch crickets? I do want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
    Once upon a time I attended the commissioning service for new officers at our State OCS. A proud father pinned new bars on his daughter and told her that he put new untarnished bars on her shoulder and he expected her to keep them that way. I ALMOST CRIED. MUD

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  5. Anonymous1:07 PM

    The reason I was holding you and Katy was not paying attention to your yelling was she liked to have her picture taken and could ignore noise. She makes an excellent teacher and it goes back to when she was only five years old.
    Your sister Sue

  6. And, for what it is worth, I am a better person for having you two as sisters. Love ya' MUD