Be Careful What You Ask For!

For Mother's day, Barb asked for a truck load of dirt. With all the mud right now, all I could supply was this toy truck full of potting soil. When it is less muddy here in Kansas I'll get her all the dirt her little hands can stand. I also found a card that played the Cajun version of the Chicken Dance. Happy Mothers Day out there to all you mothers. MUD


  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Awww... aint that sweet? And aren't you clever? Happy Mother's Day to your Barb!

  2. The Cajun version? What fun!

    I have no idea if we went through Skiatook, (I wasn't driving, andI WAS talking)but I highly recommend Woolaroc next time you're out this way.

    Happy Mother's Day to your hunny!