Green and gettin' greeener

This is Barb's parsley flowering it's little buds off. Barb has a bunch of herbs this year.

Along with green comes green bugs. This one must like the pine trees.

This is an Asiatic Lilly that is blooming.

Most people live through dog days. We have cat days. Tiger is out catching some rays on the deck.

This is probably one of the wettest springs we have had in quite a few years. Things here are growing fast and green. The view to the south of the house is almost completely blocked by the abundance of plants. You have to look hard to see the squirrels as the forage right outside the window.

Barb being the gardener in the family is loving the weather. I think it should wait at least two days before it pours again. Perhaps three days between rains would even be more ideal. Most of the yards nearby look shaggy because it is flat too wet to mow. For me it has been a week but looks like two weeks. I have about 7 acres of grass to mow and it just is a pain when I no more than get one series done and it needs it again.

Barb and I have been discussing cars as her Buick is approaching 100,000 miles. We want a car that drives nice and gets at least 25 MPG. It would be nice if we could get 35 but comfort s almost as important. It would be nice if we could spend less than $10,000. Did you read that Former Governor Graves of Kansas who is heading up the Truck Driver's association is pushing for the speed limit to drop to 65? Shades of the 70's. If trucks can't get good mileage at 70, they should slow down. Perhaps if they had a mileage meter rather than a speedometer things would be different.

The local paper ran an article by a teen age girl. She complained that she uses a tank of gas a week. If it was going to work I would feel sorry. The only thing sorry in the article is that she spends that tank of gas going shopping with her friends or jst riding around. They need to get a bike and pedal around town.

We have a nearby lake with excellent trails to walk or ride. The only problem from here is the narrow little roads to get there. I won't let Barb take that risk so I load up the bikes in the truck to get over to the lake. I know it almost defeats the purpose but hy, we need the exercise. Perhaps now that school is out it will be safer to ride our little streets. We had a guy killed a couple of years back by a student driving into the sun with a dirty windshield. He just flat ran over a guy on a bike and killed him. But, bu the same token we had a pair of bike riders hit head on last year on out lake trail and it killed the lady.

Barb just noticed that Tulsa got three inches of rain and Skiatook is under flash flood warnings. They will need cars that can run on the water as well as on the road. Our rain last night was less than an inch. I'm pretty sure that we are nearing total saturation and anything we get will run off.

Better close here. Write if you get a message or the urge to write one,

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  1. We got quite the deluge the other day. We just barely got our Memorial Day picnic and grave decorating done. When we got home, I had planned to take a little nap and then finish Josh's graduation post, but I had to turn off the computer for the rest of the night due to all the lightning. We'd already had a fair amount of rain and now the river is overflowing its banks and the brome field is covered again. Hopefully it is doing all the wild grass and wildflowers we planted some good. We aren't sure if it's so much the seeds we planted coming up or what was already there--the "junk" grass Danny tried to get rid of before planting. We have different views on that, so that's all I'll say about it;o)