On TV Today

  • Barack lacks the experience to be the President - You are a racist.
  • Hillary doesn't have the votes or delegates to win - You are a sexist.
  • McCain is too old to be the President for 8 years - You are an ageist.

The polls have Obama and McCain in a virtual tie at either 44 or 45% each. Who will be worse for the long term. There is a group that feels that we are headed for some tough times and it is good for the Republicans if a Democrat is in the White house.

In terms of registered voters, the democrats are the majority 2 or three to one. Why do we still have elections?

Oh well, I had a wonderful day in Kansas City with the Craig's as we celebrated the graduation of their son Owen. Man does he have a nice girl friend Jenni. Wish you were all there.

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