Just a couple more Photos

A couple of years back, Barb sent off fro some plants and I asked her for some asparagus. About each day for the last couple of weeks we have been blessed with a nice two person serving fresh from the garden. Today I threw a hand full of cherry tomatoes and five stalks of asparagus in the microwave with a tblsp of water a little salt and a little pepper and man was that tasty. Don't tell her that I put a dot of butter on it right before it came to the table.

This is the cake that Barb made for her friend that retired. Man did it look great. Did I tell you that Barb teaches cake decorating with the Wilton method at Michael's? She is creative and artistic. Guess I'll just have to keep her.



  1. A masterful cake & rhyme.
    I LOVE It...

    Nice family pics too.

  2. Great family pics ...... thanks for sharing!

  3. I rarely eats sweets and have never had a cavity in my life, but I absolutely love asparagus. Bean had never eaten asparagus before she met me and was reluctant to do so, but I steamed some on the grill with some steaks and she can't get enough of it now. Every single place we go that has it, she orders it and dang it's so easy to cook, too.

    It's like candy to her.

  4. Excellent job on that cake!

  5. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I never have time to read everyones blogs. For some reason, I had time today and loved the photos of Owen's graduation. Although, I didn't like my photo. Who is that old woman?