Crappy Weather in the Heartland

Seems like there are cold fronts stacked up out there and they roll through the Heartland about two or three a week. If there has been time between the fronts to have warm moist air fill in from the south, the weather can be fairly extreme. They predicted thunderstorms all day yesterday and last night. Based on the water on the driveway this morning we probably got about 1/4 of an inch or less. We are under a thunderstorm watch all day (until 11 PM tonight) today. It is yucky outside and not very conducive to being out and doing much.

I have noticed that the woodpeckers aren't into the new suet blocks we bought at the Grocery Store. They seem to peck them apart for the few seed and goodies. On the other hand, the blue Jays love to go right under to suet block and pick up the pieces dropped to the ground. In the winter when times are tough, there isn't a speck of anything that hits the ground. The woodpeckers scrape their beaks with their tongue and seem to relish it. The finches seem to hit the tube feeder in stages, For a week there I couldn't keep the tube filled from day to day. This week they emptied it one day and now it is almost full for the second day in a row. Barb thinks they are nesting and that keeps them busy.

I have put up a new outside light over the garage door and a flycatcher is determined to make a nest on it. I have gone out several times this week and remover all the piled up mud and grass. I am afraid that if the light comes on after a nest is built that it could start a fire. Oh well, it is mind over matter and I do mind so it does matter. If he (or she) would just move to one of the downspouts, they could build there with no problem. Stupid birds.

Barbara met a neighbor the other day as she walked around the property. That lady has a Jack Russel Terrier and was very animated about the fact that he had three ticks the other day. I'll bet they let that dog sleep with them and tick bother them more than the dog. All you can do living here in the woods is keep them sprayed, tick collared and apply that liquid stuff to their backs about once a month. Ticks are just a part of the food chain and after all, we are living in their home. Heck, Both Barb and I have spraded well and found ticks after a walk around the place.

Better run. or at least walk fast to find something to do.



  1. We had quite the thunderstorm here last night. We planted the rest of the area where we wanted wild grass yesterday evening before dark, then late last night thunder, lightning, torrential rain, and even some hail. The storm woke Danny and he realized he'd left the skylight open. I didn't realize why he was getting up, but this morning he said he'd had a mess to clean up in the middle of the night. Nothing was damaged, just a bit wet. I hope the rain didn't wash all the seed to the bottom of the slope by the barn. The rest of the ground was fairly level and I think it will be okay.

    I love scissortailed flycatchers and I love fire, but I don't think I would appreciate a flaming flycatcher nest on my lightpost.

  2. Anonymous3:14 PM

    We sure could use the rain. It's been spitting here off and on since yesterday, but not enough to do anything.

    We haven't seen a tick since we moved to CO. Definitely a plus.

    Our next door neighbors have a rotten little Jack Russell Terrier...hmmmm... I might just blog about him...