Automotive Obfuscation

Tom & Ray Magliozzi

The local NPR station carries the automotive program "Click and Clack, the tappet brothers". They laugh with each other and make up solutions to car problems when unsuspecting callers relate their woes. As I sit here writing I am trying to pay attention to their witty banter as well as write whatever crosses the front of my mind and falls out on this page. They related the latest puzzler and said they have obfuscatory rights from the person that sent in the puzzler. For a couple of guys with higher degrees they sound like they have eighth grade education. No matter what they say it is always worth a laugh. I have always thought that My brother-in-law and I could do the same kind of program with him giving good advice and me making stuff up and laughing. I doubt that we could last long as he would just have to sucker punch me with a socket wrench and walk away disgusted.
I looked Tom & Ray up on line and they have a lot of experience and education. In fact they run a shop where people can bring their car in and do the work themselves. It started as a local Boston talk radio program and grew from there. According to one of the fund raisers it is one of the highest cost and most listened to program. I guess a lot of guys like me listen avoiding doing what they should be out doing.
I am not sure what will be on the agenda today but I suspect that mowing will be high on the list. Whatever I do I will try to wear a long sleeve shirt to keep me from repeating the sunburn from earlier this week. I may even give window washing a turn as it is kind of fun and not all that much work. Lots of dust bunnies need killed but they aren't high on our list of to do's .
Whatever you choose to do today try to have a little fun.

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  1. I often listen to NPR in the car and sometimes I'll catch only part of a story and listen to the whole thing online. I'm not the least bit interested in how cars work, but Click and Clack make it interesting and entertaining and I love to listen to them.