Words of Apology

Under normal circumstances, pictures on my blog will get really big when you click on them. The one's in the last post were some that I copies from Barb's message to her family. I should have known they were shrink wrapped to send by e-mail. They just don't get any bigger than they are on the post. Dang I hate it when that happens.

I was one of the millions that saw the new Indiana Jones movie over the weekend. It was kind of weird to have a sci-fi mixed into an action flick. I won't tell you much other than it kept us in our seats for most of the picture and I clapped at the end. I will tell you that all that water rushing in that damned big hole did put pressure on my bladder. At least I did have good sense to not drink one of those great big drinks. I do kind of find it hard to not buy the ginormous drink/popcorn combo with free refills. Yes, I know that $5.00 for a big ole' tub of popped corn and $6.00 for a giant drink really isn't a bargain at $9.00 for the combo, free refill not withstanding. If you have some time to kill, that movie is worth seeing just for the old cars shown when Indy was at his college.

I am on our last round of seed for the outdoor birds. The woodpeckers have gone through 9 suet blocks in two weeks and the finch feeder just is draining like there was a hole in the bottom. Normally the sunflower seed feeder is half full but today it was bone dry of seeds. When the rest of the seeds are gone, that's it until fall. Let 'em eat bugs.

Do you ever wonder what your effect has been on the lives of others? I read in today's paper that a great friend is going to retire tomorrow. Karen has been the one person I could always go to in the Human Relations Office and get a straight answer. I didn't always like the answer, but her help always stood the test of time. I guess after 35 years she should be good at her job. Oh well.


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  1. Sorry to hear about Karen retiring. It's frustrating when people we know and trust are no longer in the place they should be! My birds have been hungry too.