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What's with businesses today? Have they forgot that the easiest way to have customers is to keep the one's they have? We had the wheel bearings replaced on our 97 Buick last week. They recommended I replace the motor mount because it was down to bare metal (The rubber part was worn away. ) Sure why not let me pay you $200 to replace a part that is worth $29.95. On the way home, I noticed a clunk sound when I went from reverse to forward gears. I stopped in yesterday and the service writer said all his mechanics were swamped and asked me to bring it back in at 9AM. At 9:00 on the dot I drove in the bay and was told they would get to it this morning. Wait a damned minute, I came back to have your screw up fixed and made a damned appointment. I want it fixed because I am going to wait for it.

Within 5 minutes the mechanic that replaced the mount showed up and drove it down by his bay in the garage. It was pretty damned obvious that one bolt had either been left out or fallen out and the second was loose. He had to replace the missing bolt and tighten the other. He did manage to make it at least a 10 minute job because he had to go get a bolt from the parts counter. The service manager came over and gave me the estimate on replacing the head gasket that has a very slight leak. $2,259. fricken dollars. Guess who won't get that job.

I know the leak needs to be fixed as the replacement motor would probably be $6,000 in a car worth about $4,000. I also got the story from the mechanic that the heads on those cars crack bad when they overheat and that could be part of the problem. Crap, Double crap.

Oh well, we did get some good news. Our friends in Morocco will be here this summer and will be at our house the end of July for a few days. I'm sure that I will fix a lot of good red Kansas Meat on the grill. I can hardly wait to se them again. Smiles and giggles always brighten my day. Giggles to you.


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