National Slogan!

I propose that for once we all read what it is we should all agree on. It is only the very diverse parts of our society that strongly disagree. On the Petty scale, I propose that the Ultra Conservative be given a C5 rating. On the extreme Liberal side those people should be given a L5 rating. There is a good bell curve and about 60% of all the people are between l3 and C3. From issue to issue people probably swing in this range fairly easily. I estimate about 15% are either L4 or C4 and that leaves about 5% at L5 or C5.
That 10% could not agree on anything even with themselves.

It looks like this:

Liberal L5 - 5% , L4 - 15%, L3-L1 - 30%

Conservative C1-C3 30%, C4 15%, C5 5%

I don't think it is hard for us to agree that life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are our goals. It is how we get there that we disagree on. I don't think there is many that feel the basic rights in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are a great first step to get there. That is probably where the majority of the 60% agree. It gets tougher at the extremes.

The laissez faire side of the spectrum feels there should be no restrictions and it is the Government's job to ensure that is enforced. In a lot of cases they feel that the Government should go so far as to redistribute wealth and prop up the unfortunate to the maximum level. The other side of the spectrum sees the Government intrusion as the thing that holds us back from being as happy as we can be.

In the real world, our Government has been spending money like it was free and have put a burden on our future that will be a bill to be paid big time somewhere out in the future. We should all be pissed to the max.

Do you notice that for the most part of this discussion and the previous post, there has not been a mention of political parties? There are parts of the US where the Republicans are the liberals and other parts where the conservatives are Democrat. For the record there is almost a 3 to 1 edge of Democrats over Republicans and yet the split in elected seats is no where that limit.

What's wrong and what's right? Your decision, your right.


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