My WalMart Story

Earlier this week I shopped at the home of everything, WALMART! Barb and I stopped in for a few things and just as we got to the checkout line, she left me to go look for something in store. I got in a line that had one woman in it and she appeared to be almost finished putting everything her cart would hold on the conveyor belt to check out. You know it is a conveyor belt as it converts your money into things conveyed to your home.

The lady stood there with a blank look on her face as the clerk put things in those little white bags. It rotated past her and she made no effort to put any of them in the cart. When the clerk finally rotated the carousel of bags to where there were no empty one's , the clerk stopped ringing up items and started to put bags in the cart. Needless to say, this made what was a tedious wait longer, if that is possible. The clerk again filled those little white bags until again she had to stop and put bags in the cart. The lady shopper had no intention to help or inkling that her not helping held up a line of shoppers that piles up behind me. (I did get to smile with a little one year old buy behind me and we had a good time , even if his mother was by this time pissed)

Finally, all the bags were placed in the cart and the total was given to the lady shopper. Then and only then did she make any effort to get her cards out to pay for them. Totally unaware of how to make them work, she tried to use gift cards to pay for the items. After about five minutes of her futile attempts, the clerk took the cards and ran them through her machine and told the lady to just sign where the x was on the screen. Both of the cards were for a very small amount and she seemed surprised that the clerk told her that there was an additional charge of almost $100. The lady stopped and got out another handful of plastic and tired to use three of them only to find that there was not sufficient money in any of the accounts to use them as debit cards. I swear she dug deeper and found a credit card that worked. She finally pusher her cart away from the counter and acted pissed off at the clerk.

When she was just a few feet away, I asked the clerk if that lady thought WalMart was just going to give her that cartload of crap. The clerk laughed and said it happens all the time. As the little white bags came around to me, I put them in the cart. As the clerk told me the total I had already swiped my debit card through the machine and all I had to do was push the button that $74.96 was OK and I didn't want any money back. The clerk handed me the receipt and I walked away.

Are you a part of the solution or a part of the problem?



  1. See 2nd paragraph of comment to previous post. Yes, I choose to be a solution rather than part of the problem. As annoying as fellow shoppers and sometimes the cashiers can be, I do my best to smile and be patient and kind. And I always smile at the little kids and try to keep them amused for their harried moms:o)

  2. Bean gets perturbed in lines, but that is just because her hair is always on fire. I am much like Jenny, but you know, some folks look at you funny when you mess with the kids. I guess that I would too if my son wasn't six-three and 190 pounds, though.