Be Careful Who You Hang With!

No, not like the comment of the signers of the Declaration of Independence when they said we must hang together or surely we will hang alone. I am talking about the people you associate with and you share your space with. National Public Radio (NPR) on this morning's broadcast said that people are saying bad things about the Presidential candidates because of the people they associate with.

First was Barry Obama and his 20 year association with Jeremiah Wright. Uncle Remus couldn't have written a better tar baby story about dodging that one. Throw him in the back, er under the bus Barry!

Their second target was Senator McCain's association with Bush 43. I don't agree that they are all that alike, after all Laura is a prim and proper librarian and Mrs McCain and her family own the biggest beer distributorship in Arizona. Brains or beauty and Beer!

They really didn't pick on Hillary but we all know that after "Standing with Her Man", most guys think she is a bimbo and Bill can sell her anything. The only way she will be able to get him to keep his dick at home is to play Lorena Bobbitt.

As for me, Bobwa has kept me for 40 years so she is just stuck with me. After using me for the best years of my life she is just going to have to keep me. (And Thats the truth)



  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    oooh! I got behind on your posts! You've got quite a few new ones! The pictures of the birds are fantastic. Your wife is lovely! She is surely a mighty fine woman to have put up with you for forty years! Seriously though, that is a wonderful accomplishment in this day and age! You can also tell through your writing that you really like her.

    As for the video I posted on my blog. The "your" thing drove me crazy too... but I decided to overlook it. I almost said something about it in my post.

  2. Hey - congrats on the 40. The Warden and I are not far behind .. but I am still checking the fine print for a loop hole on the marriage liscence ... licesence ... lisence ... dang I never could spell that word and there's no spell checker here!