Moron Avoidance Part 2

I don't care how damn cute it is, don't give your kids drinks out of your beer can. Keep them in the dark about what it tastes like.

Yesterday I started a post that talks about ways to grow up anything but a moron. This is part 2 in the series so hang on and see where this thing goes:
  • Find someone in your life, that doesn't talk about just today but looks at the future. If they can't tell you what they want to be in pretty concrete terms, how the hell can they ever make it happen. It doesn't have to be a spouse, but if you do find that person and they are available, marry them. I found that Barbara Schmoe of Yermo had a plan and it was only a matter of who she would allow to have along on her journey. In spite of all the bad press about the girls of California, I found the most level headed and thoughtful person in the world.
  • Get things out of the way early. Buy that new car early in life so you can understand just how stupid a new car is. They are transportation people! One new car in your lifetime. Then look for solid transportation and drive the wheels off it. You will lose $5,000 the first year in depreciation on a new car. Compare that with a couple of thousand in repair bills on a used car and you will get the picture. Taxes, Insurance will be so cheaper on a used car that it will make your head swim.
  • Get an education. There should never be an end to learning. Never be afraid of learning something new. I promise you that the technology and processes will change and you need to be always looking forward with an eye on what the new processes are. Never homestead on a technology or at one education level. You will find yourself with an Apple 2E wondering how you can make it work. It took me 10 years to get my college degree but I kept at it until I got it done. I wish it had been easier then to get a Masters degree. Today there is a college on every corner with great programs to take you there.
That's it for today. MUD

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