Liberal vs Conservative

This morning Bobwa and I had a discussion about the issue of liberal or conservative label placed on people. I feel that everyone places labels on things to help simplify their lives and it is a natural thing to do. She is opposed to using the labels and doesn't feel it is the right thing to do.

If you want to make your head hurt go to Wakepedia on line and start reading about the terms. About half way through looking about liberals I ran into the term disambiguation and my mind went fuzzy and the whole thing just lost focus. One point made throughout the discussion is the protection of Liberty. A true liberal believes one of the major government roles is to protect everyone's right to liberty. I find it distressing that as a conservative I find government intervention the major threat of my personal liberty. Conservatives feel that they have a basic set of rights by the constitution and Liberals feel that a lack of positive rights are the threat. I have argued this was the root cause of the Civil War and that Slavery was a side issue. As in the rest of the world, slavery would have died as a way of life and freedom would have evolved. On the other hand, the Civil Rights Act was needed to help a more uniform enforcement of the rights of all. If left to the absolute conservative, the right for women to vote would have been a States issue. Would it evolved in to law or action if left alone? (I'll bet there are some people out there that would not have let women vote or own property - I am not one of those so inclined)

When compared to most of the rest of the world (even Canada) we have more freedom that almost anywhere. I think a lot of the unrest is just how does everyone feel about those freedoms. Do you think our constitution guarantee the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (Conservative) or do you feel that additional legislation is needed to make them happen (Liberal)? Obviously from the beginning many people saw a need for changes via a Bill of Rights. I feel that the things not included in the constitution are left for the local governmental (mostly State) solution. This allows people in more rural States to solve their problems and ensure their liberties in the way they choose.

I don't like the term fair or equal. Life is not equal or fair in that success won't happen unless your get an education and work for it. If you are happy to do what you do, I don't expect Government to come in and make you happier or to give you some of my money to make it fair. If that makes me a conservative, so be it. I don't hate the idea that as I am now enjoying the fruits of my labor, I am opposed to having some of my fruit taken and put in your bowl because you didn't get a degree or work two jobs your entire adult life. I do believe that as a parent, I am doing everything I can do to help my on get a degree and live better. That is my right and responsibility.

I am going to end this with a story. As President Bill Clinton was out jogging one day, he spied a child pulling a wagon that had a sign on it. The sign read, "Free Democrat Kittens" He stopped and talked with the child and said that he might come back in a couple of weeks and adopt a Democrat kitten for Chelsi. The kid said, "Oh no, in two weeks they will have their eyes open and will be Republican kittens".



  1. Labels are good when they are used to identify a problem or the state of things and then work towards a solution. Too often they are used to set limits or put people in a nice, tidy box or mark out differences. When used this way, it is very difficult for labels to become useful and help produce solutions or agreements. They only serve to divide and defeat.

    We do have a right to life and liberty. We do not have a right to happiness. That isn't a God-guaranteed or a government guaranteed right. We do have a right to the PURSUIT of happiness. We are responsible to actively pursue or work towards our own happiness. Our happiness is not anyone else's responsibility. Government programs cannot guarantee it. God himself cannot guarantee it as that would be overstepping freedom of will. You have to will to be happy. It is a mental state and God and the government are not going to control your mind for you. Happiness has much less to do with material wealth or physical environment and more to do with attitude and what's going on between your ears. In the immortal words of Earl Pitts, "Wake up America!"

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I'm gonna have to go check that Jenni out!

    This post cracks me up. We have very good friends that are democrats (as are many in my family). We are registered Republicans but that doesn't mean that I agree with everything going on in the Republican Party... in fact, I do not. Sometimes I feel more independent but the fact is we really just have a two party system here... but I don't want to be labeled anything really.

    Back to our democrat friends. They will not shop at Wal-Mart or Sam's club anymore. If it were because they don't like the fact that Wal-Mart has run out most of the Mom & Pop stores or the fact that they can make or break a company by how they choose to do the pricing of the products... I would understand... However, it is because they expect people to put the bags in the carts themselves. I kid you not!

  3. I agree with Jenni. Individual responsibility for one's own happiness is vital.