Most of my life I have suffered from the effects of ADHD or the inability to focus on one thing to its completion. I have always worked better in a position where I am an impetus to others or an idea man. Now that I am retired, that inability also conflicts with desires and most of the time a good nap takes care of the excess energy created by the conflict. I guess this just shows that I am a better planner than doer. I am a better leader than a laborer.

I am sure that the world is full of people that think that when they retire they are going to clean up their stuff a little at a time and soon it will be in the right place in the right shape. For some reason that just doesn't happen for most people. Retirement gives you more time to get involved in more things and thus accumulate more stuff. More stuff accumulates in the square of what you do and pretty soon you will need to take a nap because your head hurts from all the stress of the misaligned stuff. So, you will be cursed to rush through your life doing, accumulating and napping. Hey, wait a minute that isn't all that bad.

Oh well, the latest cold front brought 30 degree temps and a 30 MPH wind. Might be a good day to work in the garage or, take a nap.

OH well, MUD

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