Go Figure!

This morning I read in the paper that Bush 43's popularity or approval rating fell t0 19%. That is compared to Harry Truman's 22% and Nixon's approval rating of 24%. Just last night Dave (aka MUD Jr.) said that he saw a bumper sticker that said, "I never thought I would miss Nixon".

The good news is that a lot of the Presidents were pre polls. I can't imagine that Millard Filmore would have been very popular after the Tea Pot Dome scandal was discovered. I can't imagine that Hoover after the collapse of the economy would have been all that popular. From what I read, the election of Abe Lincoln led us down the path to a Civil War. Any way, liars figure and figures lie.

The other day, Bobwa was looking for the attachment that lets her download things to an SD card. I hadn't seen it since our return from Louisiana. I am pretty sure I had it there but it has gone missing. Bard looked in all the obvious places (where she though I had left it) and during that search she looked in all the pockets of my suit case. She didn't find it there but she did find a $20 dollar bill. In spite of my protests to to her keeping it, she felt fully justified in keeping it. I relayed that story to Dave and his wife Barb and they both said "Laundry Rule". I guess that anything you find in the laundry when you are loading the washer is yours. I do find it strange that a few coins in the pocket of a pair of jeans does kind of excite me a lot more than if they were just piled on my dresser.

This was the week of the College Championship on Jeopardy. It never ceases to amaze me the limited experience of today's College students. The runner up and $50,000 winner could not identify a picture of Senator Humphrey. I guess it shocks me when I do the math that a college student today could have been born in 1990. Geez. What seems like yesterday to me was 40 years ago. The care free days of the 1950's (other than the threat of having an atom bomb blow up our lives) seem like yesterday. Seems like just yesterday that the teacher showed us the position to get under our desks and to cover our eyes from the flash. I always added, And kiss your ass goodbye!" But, I was just a kid so what did I know.

Yesterday we went with the kids to Lawrence and had dinner at the "Mad Greek's". I had things I could not pronounce but it was all good. We decided to have Mother's day out a day early. We know that the restaurants will be way too crowded today. We got caught in the middle of a drenching rain storm. It was precipitating in the manner of a bovine urinating on Portsmith Limestone ("It was raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock" for those of you not from farm country) I tried to run and found the knees just don't run fast anymore. I didn't realize just how soaked I was until we got home. I was even a little chilled and found my sweats a nice change of clothes. This morning it is in the 40's and there is about a 30 MPH wind. Not nice.

Oh well, see you on the flip side.

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