Cute Story

As my family all knows, I don't tell jokes as much as I tell a story that has a cute joke or laugh built in. Mainly because I try to remember punch lines and not the entire story word for word. This is one that I stole from another blog but she had copied it out of a book.
John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama were walking down the street in the Capitol and they saw a homeless man. Senator McCain went over, gave the man his card and told him to come to his office tomorrow and I'll get you a job. He handed the man $20.00 and told him to get a good meal. Senator Clinton was pretty impressed and when they saw another homeless man, she told the man to go to the unemployment office and get a job. She took $20.00 out of Senator McCains pocket, deducted a $15.00 processing fee, gave the man $5.00 and told him where he could get a free lunch. Senator Obama was really impresses and when they saw another homeless person, he went right over to him and said, "Don't worry, change is coming." and they all walked away.


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