14 Degrees and Tuesday Morning

The weathermen are all saying this has been one of the coldest months on the record. For almost three weeks we had snow on the ground from before Christmas. Right after that snow melted we had a deep snow that piled up with a wind that drifted. Over the weekend we had 4 to 6 inches of new snow and now we have cold that didn't quite get to single digits. Most of the facebook comments are directed at the need for warm days and sun.

KU beat a pretty good Oklahoma team last night and have three games to go. We will be in Stillwater to see the OSU game next Saturday. We will be home here to senior night against K-State. Sounds like a good night to cut down the nets to me. KU doesn't lose too many opening games at home or senior nights. The team currently playing hasn't lost a game at home for almost 60 games. It sure is nice for Barb to come down and watch the Hawks with me on the new 40 Inch Samsung. You could sure tell it wasn't HD when the FOX network carried the game the other night.

Is the Olympics over yet? Instead of the competition between athletes, the focus lately has been on the US vs the rest of the World. Other than the opening ceremony, the games should have an individual focus. I'll bet there are skiers that don't know the Bobsledders or speed skaters on the US team. There isn't an I in team but there is an Ono.

I am going over to Dave's this morning to hook up the fittings for a new dryer. I think he is getting one of those steam dryers and it needs it's own water source. I also need to check the outside vent hookup. If it gets plugged things don't work well.

Better get my act together and get on the road.


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  1. We had such nice warm weather here last week and now we are supposed to get snow again! Global warming my @s*!