Flowers, Chocolate and Such

I saw a lot of the Girls wearing Pink yesterday so I picked this heart

A couple of days back, you saw a picture of the cutest girl in Yermo, California and we got married just a couple of days after that picture was taken. Yes, I celebrate an anniversary and Valentines day both within a week of each other. Yes, they are treated as separate events and I do my level best to find appropriate cards and gifts for each. The good news is that in most cases a gift of chocolate and a card is a pretty good start. Cut flowers, not so much. For me, it was a 40 inch TV. Man are the Olympics spectacular on the big screen. The opening ceremony was almost scary when that person took off and flew over the ground flipping and spinning.

Oh yeah, Happy Valentines day out there to all of you. I think we need to start a tradition on Valentines Day, like the one in Brazil where the goal during carnival is to collect as many kisses as possible. I don't know if they are just the cheek kisses of Europe or real on the lips things. There is a rule that no other contact is involved. No embraces or hands anywhere. Dang, I hate it when that happens. Oh well, there are a lot of women out there that I would love to give a kiss even if it is on the cheek. Putting up with us guys and raising our children is pretty spectacular.

I don't get why football is such a big draw at some universities and round ball isn't. In Nebraska and Texas, they can fill a stadium with 70 to 80 thousand people and Nebraska doesn't sell out their 16,000 seat arena on very many occasions. The Drum (Erwin Arena in Austin) was pretty full at the start of the KU vs TX game but you can manage to buy tickets on line for most games. I think we paid only about $ 15 each for our tickets. Try that at KU. They will get closer to $100 and don't try to park anywhere near the stadium.

As I look out to the South, I can see blue skies and the sun but to the north there are clouds releasing snow flakes. I think Mother Nature is as mixed up as we are. Somewhere in 48 of the 50 States there was snow either falling or on the ground yesterday. I think most of us are ready for it to be spring even if the garden plot is covered with snow. I saw Barb looking at the seeds the other day. A great grilled steak does sound mighty good for dinner. Not one of those wimpy steaks grilled on a flat iron, but one with a smoke taste and flavor. Dave says if you need A-1 sauce, it isn't worth the effort.

The other day our front porch kitty came home looking like someone dipped him in a mud puddle. I would love to give him a bath but I'm pretty sure he would object to water and a brush. I did try to comb out some of the leaves that dried in his fur but his tail looks like a matted stick. I am at a loss how to clean him up in cold weather. I know he needs to come inside and get a bath but I have visions of a muddy pissed off cat running around the joint making a big old mess. I know he can bite and has his claws so I just don't know what to do.

Oh well, Have a great Sunday and Valentines day and "Year of the Tiger" (Lunar new year) out there.


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  1. "I have visions of a muddy pissed off cat running around the joint making a big old mess."

    That one made me laugh, MUD...

    You know, I've wondered about that, too. Even mediocre major college football programs normally sell out their stadium. Down at LSU, I've seen 3-8 football teams fill up 92,000 seats with fans. But when the Tiger roundballers aren't winning (which is usually), you can get a seat in the PMAC for a song...and spread your junk out, 'cause you're one of the few.


    Have a good day, MUD.