Beware of Unintended Consequences!

I have said for years that one big problem in the World is making changes to major things and not watching the results for unintended consequences.

We banned DDT because someone said the eagle eggs were getting too thin and now Malaria is back on the raise killing a lot of people.

We started to produce Ethanol with our grain crops and people are being hit by the largest increase in food prices in a century.

Someone started telling tales about the weather getting warmer as if it were a Global Warming trend and now we will be taxed with some scheme called Carbon tax credits. If these credits really would do anything but fuel the expansion of our Government, it might make sense.

I was in a Military organization that implemented Total Quality Management and it became an excuse to throw out the rules that kept discipline in check. I wonder how long it took them to overcome the unintended consequences of that bad action?

In Haiti, lawlessness and hunger fueled the poor living conditions. Now they had a Natural Disaster and what infrastructure they had was destroyed. We will rush in and feed them now but who will feed all the children born because now that they have food more children will be born? Feed them now and starve them later? Is starvation mother nature's way of telling us there are too damn many people in a given place?

Someone needs to sit at the right hand of every leader that projects the Law of Unintended Consequences. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Did I mention that Al Gore was given a Nobel Prize for the postulation about Global Warming now found to be based on figures made up and reported as facts?



  1. I don't think that Haiti's problem is too many people as much as it is bad government, amongst other things.

  2. funny...we are teaching my 18 month old son this leason:)

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  4. Barb was concerned that this post would offend some people. The purpose was to make people think. If it did that, it worked. We all need to get mad now and then. Anger often motivates action. MUD

  5. I think Algore ought to have to give that prize back. But then again, obviously the Prize just isn't what it used to be, anyway.

    I also agree that Haiti's problem (before earthquake) centers around their government. But apparently they didn't think it was bad enough to get together and try to do something about it. Now they expect a "bailout" from us, that we can't afford.

  6. The saddest thing is that Gore got the award instead of Irena Sendler.

    Lets see now, she saved over 2,500 Jews from the Nazi's, was tortured for suspicion of this and Al felt that he deserved it more. Ummmm for what? Any decent human being would have declined the award in favor of her. Shame on the voters too.!!!

  7. Was it TQM/TQL that screwed up the Navy and no more shellback initiations?
    In reality, I was on the Shakedown on USS George Washington in 1992. The Navy had just gone to the Deming model and GW was the Atlantic Fleet model manager. Talk about a cluster****! But part of it is the PreCom Unit mentality. The first members aboard a Pre-Commissioning Unit are "hand picked" Never seen that many dummies in one place at one time, ever.

  8. Offend? Not even close. Give one pause to think, yes!
    Always on target, my friend!