Dear Mr. President

My first question for you is: Do you have a clue that people voted for you because you promised that a Health care Bill would be an open process and even on CNN? We wanted to know just what the heck the congress was up to and now they have produced a many thousand page monstrosity that even kills the promise to allow me to keep my current health care provider. Shame on you and Congress.
My Second Question concerns money. You went to congress in 2005 and until your election saw the deficit grow from 100 Billion a year to 100 billion a month under your administration. Yes, The President (Meaning Bush) didn't vote to increase the spending, you did and more importantly your party did to get us where we are today. If as you say this is a shame, Where is your part in this. What are you going to do to stop the leak. Don't tell me increase taxes until I see a lot of belt tightening up there in your home.

When you took the oath of office, you became the President. Like George Bush inherited the 9/11 disaster, you inherited a near collapse of the banking system. The steps that led up to the disaster weren't just George Bush's fault, it was the fault of our entire Government system. You now lead that system. What happened to the "Buck Stops Here" saying you used. At what point will you realize that you are the guy now in charge and quit blaming every one else? Had you been a Governor of a State you might be able to convince me that you didn't know things were bad and getting worse when you ran for office. As a Senator, you can run but you can't hide. With the majority party in congress what did you do to stop it when a few smart dollars might have had an impact.

Yes, It is Jobs that are important right now. Your party's stimulus had so much pork in it that there had to be an increase in the GDP. The problem is the increase in unemployment is way out of hand. What are you going to do about it? Lead follow or get the hell out of the way.

Just so you will know, I'm one of the people that the collapse of industry hasn't hurt much. I did lose money on some GM stock because of what you did but I'll promise you that those minority people out there that heralded in the election of the great messiah as the answer to their problems are the one's that are feeling the pinch and crash of their hopes the most. How you gonna 'splain it to them? A lot of nothing new out of Washington and a lot fewer jobs isn't going to help.

MAD as Hell MUD

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  1. So very well said, you really should mail this one in.