No More trips to Stillwater

MUD & Brother Rick
Three KU Fans

Un Still Water Fans on Floor

Let me say that no matter what the outcome of the game, we have had good experiences at almost all of the BIG XII venues so far. This is a critique of the Oklahoma State experience in Stillwater.

First, the tickets in Stillwater were $75 @ and we were way up in the nosebleed section. We bought early and asked for the best seats available. Again, the arena was less than 100% full and we really could have moved had we cared to. These tickets were by far the most expensive.

The parking there is set for the football field and at least three times as many cars could have parked within 1/4 mile of the arena. They blocked off the nearby parking for the "Donors", the next lot for the "Posse" and we were almost a mile away from the arena. There were places to park much closer. If they charged the non donors $10.00 to park closer, I'll bet most would.

We got to the door of the arena and a lady came up to Barb and said she could have no lens longer than 3 inches on the camera. Where the hell did anything say that other than we had our KU shirts on. We walked away from her entrance and walked through another entrance with the big lens in a case and no one even noticed. The really bad thing was there was no place to check the lens if it wasn't allowed so it would have been a two mile walk back. BS on that. Everyone in the damned arena had a cell phone with a camera and there were a lot of regular cameras.

OSU played their butts off and KU played pretty lackadaisical in the first half. the got down so far that there was no catching up.

The referee team there was one of the worst I've seen. They stopped the game twice for at least 5 minutes each time to review a play. make the call and let it go. Cole had a foul that never got posted and Number 0 was on the scoreboard for most of the first half even though he only played two or three minutes.

The last time KU lost at Stillwater, they won the national Title. I can hope this was a wake up call for the Hawks and they will play on. It just might let the Cowboys into the Big dance and the hawks will be there.


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  1. Well MUD, at least you've got the Stillwater notch on your pistol. You can say "been there, done that."

    And, you got to see your brother. Sorry your boys didn't pull it off, but like you said...maybe the alarm will do 'em some good.