I Don't Care!

This Lady is going to get the Gold Mine
Tiger will get the shaft, I Hope!

At 11 AM today a disgraced golfer is scheduled to read a statement about his missteps over the last few months. I will not watch, I Don't Care! The news has been filled with speculation about what he will say, how he is going to say it and then we will have hours of discussion about what he said. I Don't Care! I have spent most of my life working with guys that hit on every woman they meet and don't give any thought about the promise they made to their wife. They all suck as bad as the golfer at being honest and now to all of them, I can say no matter what you do now, I don't care!

Sure glad I got that off my chest. Now the only big thing in my life right now is finishing the Valley Brook house and getting it off my hands. A couple more days and that will be done. I have to paint the kitchen and the one bedroom and then clean up the whole mess.

We went to a meeting with the City/County planning guys and FEMA last night. Based on what I saw, they are dang near clueless what their maps say. Our flood information was downgraded from no threat to the highest threat. I showed them the Map from 1982 and it showed the flood plain in the same place and I'm pretty sure the house didn't move. I am at least 25 feet higher than the highest water line and feel pretty confident that we'll manage to live another 20 some years here at Rabbit Run without going feet wet from a flood. We showed them the information from our other property and they admitted that the 29th street house was a lot closer to what had been a lake and we didn't have any change on that property classification. The house on Valley Brook is just across the street from a flood plain and it didn't get a bad rating. I just expect people to tell the truth and admit they made a mistake when it is as obvious as the nose on their face. Stupid me!

Oh well, What the hell, work to do and places to go.


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