Government Spending Cuts

The news today mentioned that the President is advocating cutting the farm support payments to the large wealthy farmers. Barb and I agree that some spending cuts are inevitable and she would start with the Military.

Once upon a time Barb saw a Bio about the Ben and Jerry Ice cream founders. In it, they mentioned that one of the founders had a Government spending demonstrations where he showed the recipients of our spending as piles of cookies. Yes, the Military pile was large and as much as Barbara loves cookies, why would she not want to eat some of the largest pile. Again, fearless Dennis will try to go down that road a ways.

Simply put, the Military does in fact have some room for some cuts. I encourage anyone going there to understand the effects of the spending and not let the Law of Unintended Consequences sneak up and de-rail the whole US economy.

What is it that makes up the largest military expense? I would imagine that manpower, past and present eats up a considerable amount. Throw in health care, food and clothing and I imagine you have consumed quite a bit. In the past, cuts in the Military spending has been made out of the manpower account first. Just what we need, cut spending and un-employ a few more thousand minority soldiers. I don't have the exact figures but I'm pretty sure there is a larger percentage of minorities in the military than the rest of the population.

Cut Government spending for Military Items and you will have another cut in the GDP at a time when there is a need for jobs. If we stop manufacturing in that area just what will we produce? Call centers in India? More McDonald's workers? Name you own poison.

Let me be one of the leaders in the area of cuts in Government spending. But. let me assure you that it needs to be a top to bottom cut. Fly the President in a Lear not a 757 when he goes out. Cut the days Congress are in session and cut their staffs. Make sure that serving in Congress does not produce Millionaires out of the congress any more than being a CEO of a big company. Let the Oil rich countries support the spending habits of other countries.

Just saying.


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  1. Another great post! My company has outsourced to India and we are losing buisness, people are mad, they do not want to see our jobs shipped overseas. The question is how are buisness's to survive this current economic enviorment? I sure hope someone finds the answer soon or I may be out of a job.