Once Upon a Time

Many years ago, I smoked a pipe. When I traveled, I carried spare pipes, pipe cleaners, extra tobacco and it seems like half of my brief case was filled with stuff to support that habit. When I stopped smoking, it was like a load got lifted and life got more simple.

Today, I tripped over the computer case and realized that those few items that I could carry in a small part of my brief case now are replaced by my computer bag and a camera bag. I'm sure that they weigh 30 or 40 lbs when I take them both. Ah, for the simple life when all I had to fear was cancer of the mouth and lung cancer.



  1. Looks like the cat rolled in cow manure to me. It must have been fresh too.

  2. Didn't smell like it but it sure was a mess. He was quiet and laid around for a couple of days but is back to his old self. Dennis