Wednesday in the Heartland

For some strange reason, several BIG XII teams are playing games on Tuesday. That means that Somewhere every day except Thursday and Friday someone is playing round ball. Now when I wake up in the morning I have to check my watch or the computer calendar and check what day it is. It also helps me remember what day it to help me to remember to take my pills. Other than there are grocery store ads in the Wednesday paper, it is pretty much the same.

I spent one day this week working on the garage door opener in the garage. This morning, I went out the door by Barb's car and the lifting cable back lashed. I have to figure out a way to stop that. The door either stops halfway up or halfway down. Either way, we wind up with a garage kitty. I have the fixing the cable down pat and that's not near the problem it once was.

We have a house guest for the week. Our friend Mel is here from Austin. She is working a job that keeps her up all night. She is able to work from a remote site so it matters not where she is. The one problem we discovered is that we have a programmable thermostat and set the temp back to about 60 at night. I found her working under a blanket about 4 AM. I think her teeth chattering woke me up. I think we can set the thermostat to stay constant.

Barb's letter to the editor ran today and she was critical of the way the State is funding Education. The schools had a little surplus so the Legislature wants to cut funding. With out that hold back in spending the teachers in a lot of districts would have not been paid in December. Sounds a lot like the parents trying to control the way their children spend their allowance. Spend too fast, cut their allowance. Save a little, cut their allowance... Either way, once it is given to the school districts the legislature needs to get the hell out of the way. They sure can't lead.

Have a great Hump day out there. (To an old retiree, that term really has little meaning)


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  1. Hey MUD, I get what you're saying about once the money gets to the districts the legislature should butt out.

    But they never will. Just like when it comes back from DC to them with all kinds of strings attached...they feel the need to attach more of their own.

    Reagan was right when he said he wanted to get rid of the Dept. of Education. Send DC a dollar, get 75 cents back, along with mandates to spend a buck-fifty.

    Keep the money at home. Let the teachers, parents, and school boards figure out what to do with it. Get the Feds, and even Topeka/Baton Rouge/Austin/whatever the heck out of it.

    Heck, I know I'm just whistling Dixie...cause it ain't gonna happen.